PyBLAW is a lightweight Python framework for solving one-dimensional systems of hyperbolic balance laws of the form

q_t + \bigl( f(q) \bigr)_x = s(q).


  • November 27 2010: PyBLAW 0.5.9 released.
  • October 17 2010: PyBLAW 0.5.7 released (periodic WENOCLAW solver, fixed LF flux).
  • May 3 2010: PyBLAW 0.5.2 released (easy Cython support).
  • March 15 2010: PyBLAW 0.5.1 released (minor fixes to the WENOCLAW solver).
  • February 22 2010: PyBLAW 0.5.0 released.
  • Fall 2009: PyBLAW is in early development, and is a bit rough around the edges.

Please check out the documentation (below) or the PyBLAW project page for more infomation about using and contributing to PyBLAW.


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Check out the download page for instructions on obtaining and installing PyBLAW.


Contributions are welcome! Please send comments, suggestions, and/or patches to the primary author (Matthew Emmett). You will be credited.

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