I am a postdoc at the Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California.

I am a Canadian citizen.

A PDF version of my curriculum vitae is available here: MWE_CV. This website is a companion to my CV, and augments it with extra visuals and links.


Postdoc Lawrence Berkeley National Lab with Dr. J. Bell.
Computational Mathematics (see my research page).
Postdoc University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with Dr. M. Minion.
Applied Mathematics (see my research page).
PhD University of Alberta with Dr. T.B. Moodie.
Applied Mathematics. Fluid mechanics (shallow-water sediment transport) and numerical analysis (WENO methods).
MSc University of Calgary with Dr. J. Sniatycki and Dr. M. Epstein.
Applied Mathematics. Differentiable manifolds and Hamiltonian mechanics (non-holonomic reduction).
BSc Simon Fraser University.
Mathematical Physics with First Class Honours.


Office:  050A-1135, LBNL
Phone:   510-486-5835
Email:   memmett@gmail.com
Mail:    MS 50A1148
         Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
         1 Cyclotron Rd
	 Berkeley, CA 94720